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Champions for Girls

The Girls Inc. Champions for Girls giving society brings together philanthropists from across the U.S. and Canada who are dedicated to inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold. This network of women and men are part of a community of advocates for Girls Inc. who are engaged locally and nationally to create long-lasting, positive changes.

Members of Girls Inc. Champions for Girls enable girls to participate in life-changing programming that awakens the hidden potential inherent in each girl. By connecting girls with trained mentors and delivering research-based curricula, Girls Inc. provides girls with the education, encouragement, and guidance they need to succeed in life as healthy, educated, and independent women.

Champions for Girls enjoy both local benefits here in Miami, as well as from National Girls Inc. See below for more information!

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  • Partner
  • Ally
  • Advocates
  • Luminary
  • Vanguard

PARTNER: $1,000 – $4,999

Your impact: Every gift in the Champions for Girls giving society will be used to help identify girls’ strengths and promote a growth mindset where both achievement and the ability to learn from mistakes are celebrated. To provide the Girls Inc. experience, we must start early and stay late in a girl’s life, investing in her over time. It is an expensive process, but our life-changing outcomes are priceless.

Your perks: As a Partner, you will receive invitations to exclusive Girls Inc. of Greater Miami Champions for Girls events, as well as enjoy all the benefits of being a 150+ Women Strong member, including invitations to exclusive volunteer opportunities and networking events. Nationally, Girls Inc. will also send you annual mailings of Girls Inc. briefings and reports, and invitations to annual special events.

ALLY: $5,000 – $9,999

Your impact: Your gift of $5,000 supports the importance of creating spaces that are “girls only,” where their worries, their strengths, their ideas, and dreams are taken seriously, and they feel the safety and freedom to envision a positive future.

Your perks: As an Ally, you will receive all of the Partner benefits, plus: Girls Inc. lapel pin; Recognition in the Girls Inc. Annual Report and on the Girls Inc. National website with consideration for spotlight profile; Options for listing in the National Champions for Girls Directory; Invitation to the annual State of Girls Inc. webinar; Quarterly email “insiders letter” from Girls Inc. President & CEO, Stephanie Hull; and invitation to networking event and recognition at Girls Inc. conferences.

ADVOCATES: $10,000 – $24,999

Your impact: Your investment of $10,000 recognizes that relationships with trained adults who believe in girls’ innate abilities, can build their skills, and draw out their resilience are vital to girls’ success.

Your perks: As an Advocate, you will receive all the Ally benefits, plus: Invitation to an exclusive leadership event featuring a keynote speaker at conferences; and opportunity to connect with a Girls Inc. National Scholar.

LUMINARY: $25,000 – $49,999

Your impact: Your gift of $25,000 expands our ability to support the delivery of a breadth of experiences in programs that meet girls where they are, connect to interests they already have, and expand their horizons into areas they may never have imagined existed: from exploring STEM fields leading to higher-paying careers, to building practical money management skills and confidence; from fun physical activity to positive body image and media savvy; from partnering with schools on college readiness and preparation to visionary future planning.

Your perks: As a Luminary, you will receive all of the Advocate benefits, plus: Recognition in the Girls Inc. National New York or Los Angeles Luncheon program; and consideration for membership in the Champions for Girls National Council.

VANGUARD: $50,000+

Your impact: Your investment of $50,000 shows your commitment to ensuring that each girl has the tools to manage wise decisions about eating, exercise and relationship questions, becomes educated and builds a plan for an independent future, and grows to be a competent and confident adult woman.

Your perks: As a Vanguard, you will enjoy all of the Luminary benefits, plus: Private lunch with Girls Inc. President & CEO, Stephanie Hull; and invitation to exclusive reception before National Girls Inc. New York and Los Angeles Luncheons with CEO and Board leaders.

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Need more Information?

Contact Virginia Akar at (305) 597-8600 or by email at to learn more about Champions for Girls today!


Advocate $10,000 to $24,999

Jeffrey Miller

Ally $5,000 to $9,999

Joseph Akar
David & Heidi Maya

Partner $1,000 to $4,999

Timothy Adams

Jamie Barrar

Linda Barrocas

Dr. Leslie Baumann

Christina Beltran Miller

Julie Bercow 

Tina Carroll-Scott

Alexandra Sierra-Compass

Patrick Evans

Danielle Faruq

Laura Ganoza

Monica Grossman

Tania Kunen

Alberto Milo

Catherine Muth

Stephanie Oppenheimer

Ana Mari Ortega

Oscar Seikaly

Senia Severino

Lindy Smiley