1. Registration and Confirmation

  • Fill Out the Form: Complete the form provided below to express your intent to sponsor.
  • Confirmation Email: Once you’ve submitted the form, await a confirmation email from us.

2. Choosing a Gift

  • Amazon Wish List:  Once confirmed, visit the Amazon Wish List curated by the Lead Program Coordinators (LPC) at each site. We request that sponsors only order toys from this list. Our LPCs have meticulously chosen each toy based on the unique interests of the girls they mentor.
  • Ordering Details: When placing your order, ensure the delivery address is set to your company office. The wish list also includes wrapping paper, tape, name tags, and scissors to assist with the gift wrapping process.
  • For more insight into the impactful work of Girls Inc., we encourage you to explore our website.

3. Collection and Wrapping

  • Deadline for Collection: Have all toys gathered at your company office by Monday, December 11th.
  • Wrapping Instructions: By Thursday, December 14th, please wrap each toy and label it with the name of the designated girl. A spreadsheet with this essential information will be shared with you.

4. Delivery of Gifts

  • Final Destination: Bring the wrapped and labeled toys to the Girls Inc. of Greater Miami by the scheduled date.

We cannot express enough how much your generosity means to us, the girls we serve, and the broader community. Through your support, we are able to ensure a joyous holiday season for so many deserving young girls.