Our trained facilitators partner with PE coaches at each school to engage 3rd-5th grade girls in Algo-Rhythms  — our unique STEM, Dance and Fitness program. Research overwhelmingly confirms that physical education creates an ideal opportunity to introduce concepts such as data tracking, planning steps, understanding sequences and creating patterns.

Gender gaps in STEM continue to persist, but an early introduction to STEM concepts could help shift societal norms. Algo-Rhythms helps girls in 3rd-5th grade push beyond gender stereotypes to develop a healthy interest in STEM.

The program lays a foundation for girls to enroll in middle and high school STEM courses and teaches girls basic STEM concepts necessary for 21st century skills. Algo-Rhythms fosters a growth mindset that practice, not innate ability, leads to STEM success by introducing STEM concepts through dance, an activity our girls enjoy As part of their PE program, Algo-Rhythms also instills in girls the importance of developing healthy fitness habits. Consistent with all Girls Inc. Miami programming, our facilitators bring to each program a strong background in Social Emotional Learning enabling them to teach through a lens that helps girls better understand the role that emotions play in our lives and how they affect behavior.